Aucell™ Sinus packs No 6

Aucell™ Sinus packs No 6

Sinus packs are designed for use after sinus surgery, to ensure proper breathing. • Ideal for endoscopic sinus surgery

Aucell™ sinus packs are designed to support the sinus cavity and the osteomeatal complex to ensure airflow through nose. They are made with soft, porous, resilient PVA foam, and expand to stop bleeding through gentle compression. The rounded edgeso allow easy insertion during surgery, and provide comfort even during removal.

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Features & Specification

  • Features:

    • Fast absorbtion
    • Rounded corners
    • Lint and fibre-free
    • Sterilized by gamma radiation
    • Packaged in cleanroom facilities


    • Reduce bleeding
    • Easy placement and removal
    • No contamination
    • Germ free
    • Contolled conditions
  • Code:






    35 x 12 x 6

  • Applications:

    ENT Surgery


    PVA Sterilized by gamma radiation