Aucell™ Anatomical Packs SS

Aucell™ Anatomical Packs SS

Anatomical packs are used during and after nasal surgery to support nasal cavities and facilitate proper breathing.

Aucell™ anatomical nasal packs are designed to fill the nasal cavity and are used during and after nasal surgery. The optional airway tube, enhances patient comfort by ensuring easy breathing. Moderately-sized, the soft and supportive material allows for easy placement and removal, Aucell™ anatomical packs effectively reduce patient discomfort.

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Features & Specification

  • Features:

    • Available with optional airway tube
    • Lint and fibre-free
    • Sterilized by gamma radiation
    • Packaged in cleanroom facilities


    • Easy breathing
    • No contamination
    • Germ free
    • Controlled packing conditions
  • Code:






    80 x 30 x 10

  • Applications:

    ENT Surgery


    PVA Sterilized by gamma radiation


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