Beauty and cosmetics PVA Products

The bath sponges are available in a range of pore types and designs .

Random pore sponges are good for foaming and are made into various shapes for interest to children at bathtime. The standard range includes a Teddy Bear, Whale and Duck, any othe shape can be made to customer wishes.

A range of PVA Natural like sponges are supper soft and are ideal to replace natural sea sponges, thus helping the environment . Just like natural sea sponges these are particularly suited for use by newly born babies and mothers alike.

The very fine pore range of sponges are again available in a range of sizes and shapes and are used for the cleanign and applicaton of makeup.

The PVA towel range offers supper soft texture for delicate skins, and drying of hair with reduce rubbing needed thus reducing damage to the hair. These are ideal for beauty salons. 

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Beauty and cosmetics