Automotive PVA Products

A range of sponges are made which include super foaming sponge for washing cars with reduced amounts of shampoo needed as the foaming action of the PVA foam sponges produce more suds than ordinary sponges.

Whilst the waffle sponges are well suited to clean around shaped areas such as wing mirrors and lights. The waffle shape also adds an scrubbing effect to remove awkward dirt without scratching the paintwork.

The very fine pore sponges are ideal for the application of polishes similar in effect to the quality of sponges used in the cosmetic industry.

The PVA cloth range includes an embosed sided cloth which is used in the cleaning of the car , where the embossed side picks up and holds dirt until it is rinsed out in clean water.

A plain both side cloth which is like a chamois leather but with the added advantages of PVA. These dry the bodywork leaving a streak free finish. Both of these have a mesh reinforcement for longer life.

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