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All owners have a repsonsibility and desire to look after and care for their animals for the best. Our range of super absorbent towels are ideal in a number of ways.

They are extremely good at absorbing and retaining moisture, this ensures that when used to dry the animal, be it a small dog or large race horse,the amount of rubbing needed to dry the animal is reduced, in fact just by laying the towel onto the wet coat be it long hair or short haired ,the moisture will be absorbed very quickly. Thus reducing damage to the coat which can be caused by rough rubbing. The retention properties enable the towels to be used as cooling aids, as the moisture evaportes slowly and in so doing affords a cooling effect. The towels can be laid over the animal as in the case of horses or can be made into cooling coats as in the case of dogs. The cooling effect is extremly important in hot weather and for animals taking part in sports such as cross country trials, where the cooling down time between events is very important


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Animal care