PVA sponges possess are ideal for the medical industry offering doctors and surgeons with a best-in-class solution for fluid control during surgery. The Aucell™ PVA sponges enables on-site fluid control with fast-wicking for medical and surgical applications. Aucell™ PVA sponges gives high-speed, high-volume absorption, soaking up and retaining over 10 times its dry weight in a matter of seconds, with a volume increase of 200%. While dry, they compress to one-tenth of its full size for easy insertion and with.

Highest Purity

Air expansion technology PVA foam produces medical sponges of the highest possible purity, much better than products manufactured with PVA particle replacement process. 

Aucell™ offers CE certified medical-grade PVA sponge products, manufactured exclusively through air expansion technology, PVA sponges made through air expansion have strong porous structures with controllable pore sizes, with pure, ultraclean sponges without any residue. PVA sponges are biocompatible, inorganic, fibre-free and sterile. Unlike medical sponges made with organic materials such as cotton or starch,

The Aucell™ Difference

  • Clean room expertise in manufacturing processes
  • Quick fulfilment for orders of any size
  • Price advantage through economies of scale

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