The Augesco Sports Towel has the same hydrophilic properties as the cleaning towels with the added advantage of a softer feel. The ability to retain large amounts of water make these ideal for use by swimmers, enabling a quick dry down between events and without having to use piles of  traditional towels. A quick ring out of the Augesco Sports towel and it’s ready for use again and again.

The capillary action absorbs water rapidly without the need to rub, making it also ideal for drying your hair, without friction damage. They also provide an excellent alternative to traditional towels for businesses such as horse stables and hair and dog grooming salons.

The Augesco PVA towels and sponges come in shapes and sizes to suit everybody’s needs, and they are made of 100% biodegradable material.

PVA drying sponges and cloths

Industry use these in cleaning rollers in production lines and the same production method  enable us to make a range of paint rollers for special applications.

PVA paint rollers

So whatever you want to dry, The Augesco PVA sponge and towel range will have the right one for the job. If you have a specific drying project and would like a custom made product, please let us know and our R & D staff will be pleased to help. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements or quote for custom items