The ability of our PVA towels to retain water makes them ideal for cooling products. The water held in the material slowly evaporates giving a cooling effect, Keep the towel wet to allow its moisture to evaporate and continue to cool for hours.

This is ideal for cooling people and animals alike, both for comfort and health reasons, as they are exceptionally good at cooling sprains, reducing the temperature quickly without ice burns, allows the healing process to start faster.

PVA cooling humans and animals

Whether it is a horse fetlock strain or a person’s knee, elbow, wrist or shoulder the result is the same.

PVA cooling

To activate the cooling process soak in water and leave to cool for 5 to 10 minutes. Apply the cooling towel or product, and the cooling effect will take place as the evaportation starts. Cleaning can be by hand or machine washing and is recommended regularly to maintain the products clean and fresh appearance.

We produce items to customer own designs allowing for unique market placement of their designs. The current range of cooling products include, horse cooling blankets, dog cooling coats, bandanas, basketball caps, scarves and a range of injury cooling products.

PVA cooling bandanas and injury cooling

Should you have a cooling product design you would like made please contact us.

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