The Augesco cleaning range of towels and sponges is ideal for clearing up spills. The Augesco Towel enables smear free cleaning on all surfaces around the home, such as on windows, bathrooms and kitchen surfaces, whilst the new Augesco Embossed Towel and new range of waffle surfaced sponges specifically designed to give a good abrasion without damaging the surface enhances the cleaning action, leaving a streak free finish. Ideal for use on hard to move grime, such as car windscreens. The Augesco Sponge mop, is available in both the foaming sponge and high absorbent sponge heads. These allow the Augesco Sponge mop to clean and trap dirt whilst at the same time drying floors to a streak free finish.

PVA cleaning sponges and towels

A range of special foaming sponges have been designed to give an increased foam formation with small amounts of washing liquids, saving both time and money. Available in a range of sizes, these are ideal for washing up, cleaning cars or bathing.

The ultra fine pore range is ideal for cleaning make up and ideal for soft sponges for babies. Where natural sponge have been used traditionally by new mothers our special range of natural like sponges make an idea alternative, giving the same soft and gentle feel, yet being environmentally friendly helping to safeguard the marine environment. To see the range click here

PVA natural sponges

With the large range of possibilities if there is not already a product to suit your needs or market please let us know and we will be pleased to develop a product to suit your application needs.

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