PVA Materials.

We specialise in many kinds of PVA products such as: PVA chamois, PVA mop, PVA sponge, PVA towel, PVA sponge block, PVA chamois towel, PVA wiper, and PVA roller among a variety of other PVA products. 

If you need a custom PVA we are able to produce them from your CAD drawings or sketch, through to sampling an final production of your PVA products. > Make a custom enquiry

More about PVA materials

  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lint free
  • Machine washable
  • Custom made products

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PVA for Surgery

Aucell™ is able to offer PVA medical sponges which are manufactured under controlled conditions from raw materials all the way to finished packaged products. Ensuring consistent, ultrapure medical-grade quality from beginning to end, the Aucell™ PVA products are gamma-radiated and packaged germ-free in clean room facilities.

Supported by the world’s largest biomedical PVA production facilities, Aucell™ is able to offer fast turnaround time that requires little to no waiting time.

More about PVA for surgical use

  • Lint and fibre-free
  • Extremely hydrophilic
  • Biocompatible
  • Comfortable for patient use
  • Range of pore size

PVA Surgical uses

PVA cooling benefits

Our PVA range of super-absorbent towels are idea for cooling both people and animals. Hydrophilic properties mean the towels are able to be used as cooling aids, as the moisture evaporates slowly.

More about PVA cooling products

  • Cools as water evaporates
  • Lint free & machine washable
  • Long-lasting cooling effect

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PVA cleaning benefits

Our PVA cleaning range to be used for a wide variety of cleaning tasks; from cosmetic to household to automotive. They make cleaning quick and easy with excellent cleaning properties.

More about PVA cleaning products

  • Special foaming structure
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • Smooth gliding & lint free

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PVA drying benefits

Our PVA range of PVA sponges and clothes are excellent for drying , as they hold up to 5 x times their weight in water. They are hydrophilici in nature which is to attract water. This enables the clothes and sponges to soak up vast amounts of water without the need for rubbing, makeing them excellent for sportsmen, and business such as hair salons and pet parlours.

More about PVA drying products

  • Soaks up water fast
  • Super absorbent & lint free
  • Flexible, soft and kind to skin

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